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Have you ever done an age breakdown of the volunteers you do have?  Are you in a college town?  Do you have a large teen program?  This is a good place to start.  Here is my own breakdown:

14-17   167

18-34   210

35-64   88

65+      120

So this is your reality, but who do you want?  Is your website attracting the people you are trying to reach?


Click on the links for each of these pages and see what you think (These are easy to find…just type “hospital volunteer” into any internet browser):

Sample One:  Mass General

Sample Two: Yale New Haven

Sample Three: New York Presbyterian

Sample Four: Allina Hospitals and Clinics

Sample Five: Lucile Packard

Sample Six: Sentara

Sample Seven: Barnes Jewish

Sample Eight:  Mountain State Health Alliance

Sample Nine: Mine…Saint Joseph Health System


  • People expect answers, information, and resources NOW!
  • They want 24/7 access to information and resources
  • They want answers promptly – quick and easy.
  • They want to be well informed – monthly newletters may not be sufficient.

Phones are so much more advanced now and with unlimited data cell plans, traditional websurfing from the computer is quickly being replaced with surfing from the cell phone (Iphone anyone?).  But cell phone browsers don’t work the same as computer browsers.  Check out this website for “7 Usability Guidelines for Websites on Mobile Devices”.  Also check with your I.T. department.

Here is a list of all of the things I can think of…feel free to comment and add your own suggestions.  And remember, these items are only as good as the information provided in them (huh?)  For instance, a full length assignment description can be well written or poorly written.

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Forget about using fonts the way you do when you’re printing or creating image files in Photoshop. That’s not how typography works on Web pages. A Web page gets its fonts from the user’s hard drive. The fonts on your own hard drive may not be the same as the fonts on any other person’s hard drive!

A common mistake made by beginners: They specify fonts in the Web page; they see those fonts on their computer and they look great; then later they see the Web page on another person’s computer and it looks terrible. Why? That other person does not have those fonts.

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Most of you will be using your hospital’s color scheme on your website.  But there are few good tips to keep in mind as you are thinking about color.

Here is a great tool which allows you to look at combinations of colors to find a color scheme that is right for you!

Teenage GirlGen Ys were born after 1980 and are also known as the “Internet Generation”.  They wer born in a generation where new products and services are created every day.  As a result, they expect unique creations that stretch their imaginations and offer the creativity of new technologies.  Gen Ys also expect simplicity of use and function.

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Early 30sGeneration X, born between 1964 and 1982, is the undefined generation.  They are disloyal to brands and skeptical of big business.  Boldness, youthful rebellion, and benign anarchy remain the halmarks of the generation, even as it begins to have families and start businesses.

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Man in late 40sWe have heard alot about how the Baby Boomers are going to effect our volunteer programs.  Here is a quick review of what drives this generation in the marketing arena.

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